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Hi Stefanie,
I did talk to my sister. She was fascinated with everything that came out of the reading. There were a few things that I did ask her about the reading. One of them was the mention of diamond earrings. In fact, my mother owned and was wearing a special pair of diamond earrings when she died (one of them was lost in the hospital). There was mention of the pendant/beaded necklace/ locket - She had a jewelry box of my mom's that actually had all of those things in it. I'm very glad that I came in to do the reading. I think it helped me work through a lot of issues around my mom's death and has changed the the way I think about it and her (as she exists now).
 Thank You, Loren

Dear Stefanie,
I really appreciate our session more then I could express in words. I am very grateful. I was highly impressed and touched. I wanted to tell you about the martini glasses you saw. My great grandma's husband (who passed away before I was born) used to have a martini every evening after work. My grandmother remembers seeing him do that. Him coming through was just what my mom needed to hear. I wanted to just share with you that it does make sense. I sent your contact info to my mother and grandmother. They will be calling you in the near future. I will also be calling again in the future for another reading if possible. I feel a wonderful sense of healing in my mind, spirit, and in my heart.

Thanks very much, Brian

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Stefanie's work with me has been transformative in such lovely ways.  She brings knowledge from a broad range of healing practices and personal experience. With keen intuition Stefanie has guided me through some really blocked parts of myself.  As always, the work happens within, but having been stuck for such a long while, I have no doubts that my work with Stefanie is what helped me move out of the 'quicksand' and into a more empowered and "connected ME".  Stefanie is super knowledgeable, caring, energetic and just all around wonderful.
  -Elaine Hall

Stefanie's words cut through to the deeper meanings of the situations I am dealing with now.  I often reread them to gain new insights and new energy.
 -E.M. ~ British Colombia

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As a recipient of Stefanie incredible body work, I have nothing but high praise to offer. The work that has been done has been restorative and so healing. I have always left my sessions with Stefanie feeling as though I'd received a physical and emotional gift. Stefanie's work is something you owe to yourself and your own overall well-being.
              ~Sharon T.

I began seeing Stefanie in 2005 after years of chronic pain from a car accident. She's given me freedom of movement and freedom from pain. What a tremendous gift. I noticed that I don't get sick as often. I have continued to see Stef regularly ever since. Between two boys and a stressful career - well, all I can say is Stef makes me a better person.

You don't have to hurt all the time. Check Stef out and see if she can help you too.  


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