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Stefanie Paige-Belson

  I am a Medical Intuitive & Integrative Wellness Practitioner in the areas of Physiology,Nutrition & Bodymind health.

  A lifetime student of Consciousness Studies

 Restorative Wellness,Energy Medicine & Science.

  My education comes both from ancient and modern models.

 I have studied & continue my learning with teachers and healing artists from many traditions .

 I have been in practice for over 30 years.

  In 1979 I was in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident...a physical crisis that left me paraplegic. The result of a L3-L5 spinal cord injury.

a trauma of body-mind & spirit.

This crisis brought into the forefront my lifelong ability for intuitive knowing.

I began to understand that from crises can grow resourcefulness,

meaning & resilience.

 Even for a lives visited by extreme loss and trauma.

  As I followed this path, my sense of purpose came into sharper focus.

Inspired to develop these intuitive gifts, I felt I needed first to pursue education. FIRST to graduate from a high school that in my new bodily state was totally innaccessible. (THIS a was pre ADA)

I found my way through,due to family love and the help of amazing inspiring teachers, mentors and helpers (and my angels) along the way.

 I did graduate. 

 I had another healing opportunity.

I soon had the 1st of my two amazing daughters.

My girls are TWO of my BEST  teachers 

Eventually I found my way to "higher education"

Addiction Counseling, Integrative Bodymind Wellness,

Medical Model Bodywork Therapy

Early Childhood Education & Trauma Informed Care

I became  awake to a deeper understanding of the human experience.

I came to be certain that my education, training & life experience might be united to implement healing for others.

 My natural interest in the realms of science and personal interest & experiences 

led to my delving more deeply toward devoted research.

I sought to unify the physical & metaphysical.

I sought answers to the questions that dictate personal and cultural human evolution.  

 I committed to a dedicated,methodical process of development.

My instruction came from highly trained and tested knowers and seers, indigenous mentors & shaman,mainstream professors, 

 scientists, and medical professionals.
Soon my capacites for remote or non-local perception a became a true and trustworthy part of my body of knowledge.

 My mission is to enhance each persons overall physical health,

peace of mind and quality of life .

I provide the highest quality of individualized hands-on integrative care,

education & guidance through a multidisciplinary approach. 

I offer this humbly to you.

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