I am an Medical Intuitive & Integrative Wellness Practitioner in the areas of physiology,nutrition & bodymind health.

  A lifetime student of Consciousness Studies

 Restorative Wellness,Energy Medicine & Science,

  My education comes both from ancient and modern medical models.

 I have studied & continue my learning with teachers and healing artists from many traditions .

 I have been in practice for over 30 years.

  In 1979 I was in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident...a physical crisis that left me paraplegic. The result of a L5-L5 spinal cord injury.

Trauma of body-mind &spirit.

This crisis brought my abilities of intuition & healing into much sharper focus.

Realizing I was being asked to develop these gifts, I did so.

 My mission is to enhance each persons overall physical health, wellness in mind and quality of life by providing accurate education and the highest quality of individualized care through a multidisciplinary approach. .

I offer this humbly to you.

Stefanie Paige-Belson

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