Recover And Heal Integrative Wellness

Stefanie Paige-Belson

Evidential Psychic

Stefanie Paige-Belson is an Advanced Multi-disciplinary Healer/Bodyworker and an Intuitive/Evidential Medium /Spirit Communicator and with over 30 years in private practice. With a uniquely diverse training she assists people from all walks of life heal from complex physical & non-physical challenges, communicate with Spirit, clear & balance energy within home & work spaces and in the development of their own spiritual journey.
   Stefanie offers sessions in person or by phone. Each session is tailored to your individuals needs. There are 3 main types of sessions:

Multi disciplinary Hands-on Bodywork  Therapies
- and -
Complementary Healing Support 

These processes help rid the mind, body and spirit of the residual effects of past trauma associated with illness, physical injuries & negative experiences.  When our energy is blocked, we simply cannot achieve our full potential.  Stefanie's training comes out of  Medical Model Deep Tissue TriggerPoint Release, NeuroMuscularRepatterning & numerous energy clearing and balancing systems that quickly and easily assist people in achieving balance, wellness and the fulfillment of goals. In these sessions, Stefanie creates a deep rapport of comfort in the safety of the treatment room. With kind touch, her highly trained hands, along with her skillful dialog and visualization, there can be a letting go of the pain and trauma of the past.

Evidential Readings
If you are seeking communication with loved ones who have passed on, ask for a mediumistic reading. These readings can bring you the comfort that they are safe in spirit.
They are called Evidential Readings because Stefanie offers definitive details, so you will KNOW you are communicating with your loved ones. If you do not already believe in an afterlife, a true mediumistic reading may be a turning point for you.

Intuitive Readings & Spiritual Counsel
for Individuals, Couples & Families

These allow Stefanie to connect with higher guidance to bring you clarity, purpose, and growth.
As we develop spiritually, there are times when it is well to assess the current situation and decide what is the next step. We come together as human beings to play out our destinies & continue this path of development.
When working with Couples and Families, Stefanie aims to promote understanding and collaboration among family members, helping to solve challenges, resolve conflicts, understand inner needs & desires, and help all gain a higher perspective. Taking a look at that which has been hidden from everyday view and developing a personal spiritual path can assist relationships immensely.

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